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Pathfinder Basic Staff Training

Sean Torrington

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1.South England Conference
3.She made the pathfinder flag (2 Words)
8.A highlight for the annual programme (2 Words)
9.A characteristic of adolescence -what will they think of next? (2 Words)
13.Section 5 of BST course
16.A basic pathfinder drill posture (2 Words)
17.This is a key mental feature of pre-adolescence
20.Place of first youth society (2 Words)
24.This is a sense of belonging, unity, enthusiasm and effectivenes that make a club successful (2 Words)
25.One of the first youths to start the Youth Society (2 Words)
28.A good leadership style
29.This is a further training unit for pathfinder staff
30.Appropriate activities need to be planned to 'guard the edges' of this
31.A type of fire. Good time for story telling and community singing (2 Words)
32.These are specific skills or areas of interest that lead to an award (2 Words)
33.This must be observed while on a hike (2 Words)
2.A quality of Christian leaders involved with Pathfindering (3 Words)
4.Early adolescents have a fear of being different from the group (3 Words)
5.Location of "Courage to Stand" International Pathfinder Camporee
6.This helps to make the Pathfinder programme real and visible. It should always be neat and clean
7.This includes the pathfinder triangle emblem and the pathfinder world emblem
10.This person is responsible for the overall running of the local club
11.This class was added in 1982
12.Pathfinder leaders have this as a moral and legal responsibility (3 Words)
14.This should always be 100% - a principle of good club discipline
15.This can help club discipline and develop heathy competition (2 Words)
18.Boys in late childhood need to achieve a strong identification with those of their own sex (2 Words)
19.These may be held monthly to discuss the functioning of the club (2 Words)
21.A previous name of the Master Guide programme (2 Words)
22.A club official who has the duty of counting and recording all funds
23.These are the unit flags
26.Helps pathfinders develop a love for the great outdoors and develop survival skills
27.A special day for pathfinders across the conference to parade, share hobbies and display exhibits

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