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Grapes of Wrath

Krista Dank

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1.The ______ in the beginning chapters symbolizes the farmers' journeys westward.
4.______ dies of a stroke shortly after leaving.
8.Those who stand up for themselves are considered ______.
9.Jim Casy shares the initials of ______ ______, whom he in some ways takes the role of. (2 Words)
10.______ goes crazy before she dies.
11.The setting (late 1930s) is near the end of the ______ ______. (2 Words)
12.Troublesome Joad daughter
13.Joad son, leaves the family by wandering down the river
15.______ ______ initially hides five dollars in order to get drunk. (2 Words)
16.Families eat ______ ______ when they are nearly out of money. (2 Words)
21.In the winter, the ______ displaces many people.
22.Preacher, leader of strike
24.Youngest of the Joad children
26.The novel ends with a strange sense of hope when Rosasharn ______ a starving man.
28.Orange ______ drew people westward.
30.A truck is known as a ______.
31.Steinbeck wrote ______ his chapters about the Joad family's journey.
32.The climax is when Tom kills a ______ immediately after Casy was murdered.
34.Husband of Joad daughter, leaves the family
36.The Joad family is from ______.
37.The Joads meet the ______ on Highway 66.
39.The Joads are startled by the ______ in the Weedpatch camp.
40.Joad son, on parole
2.Joad daughter, pregnant
3.The phrase "grapes of wrath" is first mentioned when Steinbeck mention's farmers' ______.
5.Al is engaged to marry ______ ______. (2 Words)
6.Rosasharn's ______ holds the promise of a new beginning.
7.Destination of the traveling families
14.Joad son, obsessed with cars and girls
17.Uncle John's disposal of the stillborn baby resembles the Bible story of ______.
18.Tom craves ______.
19.Women know things are okay if men's fear turns to ______.
20.The Weedpatch camp is a ______-sponsored haven where the Joads stay shortly.
23.Ma is the ______ of the family.
25.Steinbeck's descriptive chapters show how life was like in the ______ ______. (2 Words)
27.______ are the initial cause of the migration.
29.The author, John Steinbeck, was from ______, California.
33.One thing the men have cravings for is ______.
35.Derogatory name directed at people like the Joads
38.The Joads don't realize how much they ______ until after they are clean.

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