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Ms. Filbert

A review of the vocabulary from the Development unit.

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2.A condition that results when the neural tube does not seal properly.
5.The place where sperm further develop and mature.
7.The egg cell that is now fully mature as a result of sperm penetration.
9.A hollow, fluid-filled ball of about 100 cells.
10.The process in which sperm and egg combine, fusing their nuclei.
12.This tissue layer will become hair, skin, nails, tooth enamel, and the reproductuve system.
14.A folding of the trophoblast (outer layer of the blastocyst) to create 3 tissue layers.
15.The part of the femal reproductive system where fertilization (conception) occurs.
18.These are small, wimpy cells that result from meiosis of the oocyte. These are not egg cells and will be recycled or reabsorbed by the body.
19.The embryo that now has 3 tissue layers, a digestive tube, and a neural tube.
20.This connects the embryo to the mother's uterus.
21.The fluid-filled sac that surrounds the embryo keeping it moist and protecting it.
22.A tissue layer that will form the bones, skeletal muscle, the circulatory system, the reproductive system, and other organs.
1.Cell division that does not cause an increase in size of the ball of cells.
3.The 8-cell stage in chordates.
4.The process in which an egg is released from the ovary every 28 days.
6.The process in which the blastocyst burrows into the lining of the uterus and attaches.
8.This connects the embryo to the placenta.
11.A fertilized egg.
13.This tissue layer will become the lining of the digestive system and bladder.
16.A protective pocket of cells that nourish developing cells in the ovary.
17.The place where sperm begin to develop.

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