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Movie Stars

Noah Bostic

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  7 8                          
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      12   13    

1.played by Micheal Caine in the movie "Cars 2" 2011. (2 Words)
6.played by Jerry Seinfield in the movie "Bee Movie" 2007. (3 Words)
8.played by Lucas Cruikshank in the movie "Fred: The Show" 2010-2011. (2 Words)
9.played by Amanda Ryan in the movie "Britannic" 2000. (2 Words)
10.played by Jesse Eisenburg in the movie "Rio" 2011.
13.played by Steve Carrell in the movie "Despicable Me" 2010.
15.played by Ben Stiller in the movie "Madagascar" 2005. (3 Words)
16.played by Mike Myers in the movie "_____"
2.played by Owen Wilson in the movie "Cars" 2006. (2 Words)
3.played by Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie "Titanic" 1997. (2 Words)
4.played by Daniel Radcliffe in the "____________" series. (2 Words)
5.played by Vince Vaughn in the movie "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" (3 Words)
7.played by Mel Gibson in the movie "Chicken Run" 2000. (2 Words)
11.played by Jim Carrey in the movie "__________'s Penguins" 2011. (2 Words)
12.played by John Travolta in the movie "____"
14.played by Ben Stiller in the movie "Night at the Museum"

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