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1.The man who works at the auto shop offers ______ dollars for each person caged in Choi's car. (2 Words)
4.The firefighter that Rick says looks black is actually from ______.
5.Jean, Rick's wife, is convinced that she is not ______.
8.Anthony is upset that he is not served ______ at the restaurant, even though he doesn't ask for it.
12.Officer Hanson shoots ______ after thinking he is reaching for a gun.
14.What color and type of car do both Rick and Jean, and Cameron and Christine own? (2 Words)
16.Farhad didn't replace his ______, resulting in his store being robbed.
18.Who does Shaniqua call when officer Ryan begins to get upset in her office?
19.Peter's treasured figurine is the patron saint of ______.
2.What is Rick's (who's car gets carjacked) job? (2 Words)
3.In what type of vehicle were the people being trafficked found?
4.Lara's cloak from her father is said to be ______.
6.What does Cameron think is falling from the sky when they are actually ashes from the burning car?
7.Ria's father is from Puerto Rico, and her mother is from ______? (2 Words)
9.Graham's mother thinks her son Peter bought her ______ before he died, but in reality, it was Graham.
10.Ryan's father has a ______ infection. (2 Words)
11.Ria insults Kim after they get in a car accident for mispronouncing the word "brake" as ______.
13.Christine is saved from a burning car by officer ______, an experience that makes him realize his prejudice.
15.Dorri, Farhad's daughter, buys ______ for her father's gun, resulting in him not killing Lara.
17.Graham's mother asks her to find his ______.

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