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Evolution Crossword

Keilya Kasprzyk and Dean Favetta

3     4
    5 6                  
8 9                                        
14                                     15

6.The idea that slow but continuous changes result in diversion of species
7.When a few individuals become isolated and begin their own population and the gene pool may not reflect that of the original population
8.The idea that all organisms descended from a common ancestor
14.A sudden change in the environment that drastically reduces the size of a population
17.Aspects of organisms that look similar, but have different functions
19.Alteration in a DNA sequence that causes permanent damage on genotypic and phenotypic levels
20.Fluctuations of allele frequencies from one generation to the next
1.The theory that when a population is left alone, the allele frequencies will remain constant
2.The addition or subtraction of genes in a population from one generation to the next
3.If two or more distinct morphs are each represented in high enough frequencies to be noticeable
4.The contribution of an individual to the gene pool of the next generation
5.When species have little resemblance to their ancestors is is commonly due to _____ _______?
9.The plausible idea that cell organelles evolved from the interaction of two prokaryotic organisms
10.Differences between the gene pools of different populations
11.The idea that natural disasters contributed to the destruction of some species
12.Classification of organisms
13.A theory that inferior genes in organisms will cause them to die out
15.Paleontologists study______?
16.How organisms change over time
18.Naturalist who closely studied the Galapagos Islands

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