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Hepatitis Facts

Kate Robinson

Information about the types of hepatitis and how to prevent and treat hepatitis.

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6.Get an _____ if you are a healthcare worker, dentist, doctor or other person who might come in contact with patients who may have hepatitis
10.how a disease spreads
11.1.2 million Americans are a _____ of HBV.
12.Babies can _____ HBV from their mothers
13.the yellowing of skin and eyes from liver malfunction
14.About 150,000 people are _____ by hepatitis A each year
16.This develops when the liver is scarred by hepatitis
17.hepatitis is a _____
1.tests for hepatitis include those that determine _____ to determine prior infection
2.Screeing of blood donations became _____ to protect those who need transfusions.
3._____ is a disease of the liver
4.If food or water is ____ with human excrement, you can get hepatitis A from it.
5.Left untreated, hepatitis can become _____
7.For more information, go to www._____foundation.org
8.People with multiple sex partners, hemophiliacs and those who use _____ drugs are at greatest risk for hepatitis.
9.The leading cause of _____ is the hepatitis C infection
15.Getting a _____ or body piercing before 1972 or 1992 puts you greater risk for hepatitis

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