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Anxiety and Depression

Kate Robinson

Get information about warning signs and what to do if you think you might have anxiety or depression.

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1.Depression can be brought on by regular troubles or a _____ event.
4.When life seems _____ and you need help coping, GET HELP!
5.It is normal to feel _____ or out of sorts now and again.
7.Avoid drugs and _____ as these can make you more depressed.
9.Signs of _____ include feeling shaky or sweaty or a rapid heartbeat.
11.Eat well, get rest and _____ as part of any wellness plan.
12.Your county or city _____ may provide services and/or referrals.
2.Talk with a friend, family member or _____ about how you feel.
3.Feeling down for over two weeks may be a sign of _____.
6.Sometimes just lifestyle changes are recommended as _____.
8.A health center on your _____ may provide counseling for students.
10.If you've thought about _____ or killing yourself, get help immediately.

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