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Miss. Woodruff

Fill in the crossword puzzle by using terms from this year's assignments.

1 2 3
5 6             7 8      
    12         13        
      14 15                          
    17 18                             19
21                         22                            
23                       24 25 26    
    27 28                      
29 30                 31            
  35         36     37    
  39           40          
  41       42      
43                   44             45      

4.A type of paint that is transparent, and used the white of the paper as a base.
5.The metal tips used during print making, to carve into the surface of the material.
8.The setting for the Op Art Composition.
9.The soft, rubber-like material that was used during our printmaking aassignment.
10.The process of cuttin gout a print and attaching it to a colored background.
11.The artist that was referenced for his famous portraits made using fingerprints.
12.The grading paper used to evaluate your artwork.
15.A drawing using contour or gesture lines to create a drawing of a person in proportion.
16.The drawing of a face.
18.Other than Vincent Van Gough, there was one other artist that was referenced for impressionism.
20.The plastic tool used to mix paint before your brush is used.
21.a style of painting where images appear blurred, and you only see the impression of shapes.
22.Additive sculpture, we created an animal with this.
23.When something can be viewed from all sides, including the base or bottom, it is viewed ___ ___ _______.
28.A special type of line that shows expression or gestures of an image.
29.Showing different parts of a figure using the proper size, and placement relation between the different parts.
33.A recyclable material that is durable, and that we have used to cut down for assignments.
34.The wooden frame that creates the outside dimensions of the canvas.
36.The subject of several of our projects, including foam sculpture, wire sculpture, and some of the realism paintings.
38.The type of glue used to attach the separate pieces of the 3D miniature replica assignment.
39.A type of paint that is waterbased, but is permanent.
43.The specific Principle of Art that is most prevalent in Op Art.
44.A type of paint that is washable and inexpensive.
45.The feelings or emotions associated with a particular though process. Color can be associated with this.
46.The media used to create our fingerprint portrait.
47.A soft, green material that can easily be carved away at to create a sculpture.
48.The metal part of the paint brush, located between the handle and bristles of the brush.
1.Subtractive Sculpture, we had to attach the pieces when finished.
2.The female artist that was reference for Op Art: __________ ___________.
3.The use of two vanishing points in a composition, to help create a 3D appearance.
6.The meaning of "Op" in the artistic style of Op Art.
7.The magazine that was used in class to learn about artists, styles, and processes of art making.
10.One color, with a variety of shades and values, that is used to complete an entire composition.
13.A hard, black material used to draw.
14.The body part that was used for the first Op Art Assignment.
16.The plastic container used to hold and store paint.
17.The description of a pair of colors when they are located across from one another on the color wheel.
19.One place that you can see Op Art on display (vertically), other than in a painting that is hanging.
24.A wooden frame covered in material that is used as a painting surface.
25.The brand of air-dry clay that was used to create the 3D miniature replicas.
26.The tool used to affix the canvas material onto the stretcher bars.
27.Your art teacher's last name.
30.The special type of relief print that was created, by removing one layer of color at a time.
31.The paper blending stick used to add shading and value to your charcoal drawings.
32.The last name of one of the artists referenced for Op Art: Victor _________.
35.The minimum dimension (Inches) for the mini-replica model.
37.A tool shaped like a hammer, with a rubber tip.
40.The process of affixing paper, material, and other found objects onto a surface to create a composition.
41.The last name of one of the artists that was referenced for Op Art: M. C. ________.
42.A liquid substance used to prime a canvas, so that the material becomes water resisitant.

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