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Earth Science Chapters 7-9

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3._____ rocks are melted, cooled, or hardened
9.Layer of the atmosphere that is clear and dry.
11.________ clouds often a sign that rain or snow is coming.
13.The basic shape that minerals tend to take is a _________
15.________ rocks are changed by heat or pressure
17.The color of the mark that a mineral leaves on a white unglazed porcelin is called _______.
18.__________ is a measure of how well a mineral resists being scratched
19.Igneous rocks can be classified as ______ or extrusive.
22.______ rocks are pressed together and cemented
24.Hot liquid rock inside the earth
25.This layer absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun (2 words)
26.A strong and reliable wind belt.
27.______ is the tendency of minerals to break along flat planes or surfaces.
1.Also called the thermosphere.
2.The tendency of minerals to break unevenly leaving jagged edges is _______.
4.Because the _______ of minerals may vary, it is a less certain way than other properties to identify minerals.
5.______ is a comparison of a mineral's weight to the weight of the same volume of water (2 words).
6.________ clouds are a sign of fair weather.
7.The _____ is about 2,800 km thick.
8.Metamorphic rocks can be classified as foliated or _________.
10.The _______ (2 words) describes how a rock may be changed from igneous to sedimentary to metamorphic.
12.__________ is the way a mineral picks up or reflects light.
13.To change from a gas to a liquid.
14.This layer is the narrowest layer
16.Hardness is measured on the _____ scale.
20.To change from a liquid to a gas.
21.________ clouds often bring rain.
23.The three types of sedimentary rock are _______, organic and chemical.

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