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Earth Science Chapters 13 & 14

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5.The great lakes were formed when ____ carved out huge basins during the Cenozoic Era.
6.Scientists used the ____ dating method to determine that the earth is 4.6 billion years old.
7.We are living in the ______ era
9.A space left in rock that has the shape of a plant or animal is a _____.
11.______ drift is the theory that continents move.
15.Fossil fuels formed from organisms that lived in swamps and seas during the _____ era.
17.A ______ detects and records earthquake waves.
18.________ rocks are igneous and metamorphic
19.The ______ era is characterized by the dinosaurs
20.The Hawaiian Islands are examples of ____ volcanoes.
21.The 3 main layers of the earth are the core, mantle and ________/
1.Sea floor spreading is the theory that the ocean floor spreads apart as new crust forms at the mid-oceanic ______.
2.A mold filled with minerals is a ____.
3.The layer at the center of the earth
4.When fossils form through _____, organic matter is replaced with minerals in groundwater
8.Mount Fuji is an example of a ______ volcano.
10.Plates collide, move apart, or ______ past each other.
12.___________ occur when rocks break or move suddenly at a fault.
13.A break in the Earth's crust along which movement occurs.
14.Plate ______ is the theory that the earth's surface is made up of large sections moving over the mantle.
16.________ occur where magma pushes up through the earth's surface, usually where plates collide.

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