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Daily Crossword

By Karlo Torres

Please Add CAPITAL letter IN FRONT of every answer

1 2
3     4   5      
7   8              
10             11  
  15       16  
22     23              

3.The least durable material
5.Can be mined with stone pick. Can be used for mining diamond
7.Cinnibun makes these; and basicly the first word says it
9.I like to eat, eat, eat ______ and bananas
10.Needing 3 buckets of milk, 3 wheat, 1 egg and
17.First man on the moon (2 Words)
19.Either a feather or rotten flesh. Dies in Sunlight
21.Can only be mined with diamond pickaxe. Make a portal
22.Short for "modification"
23.Shoots arrows at you. Dies in sunlight
1.Name of Canada's FIRST Prime Minister (3 Words)
2.Small, purple, oval shape, and used for wine
4.Needs iron pick to be mined. Most durable material
6.rotten flesh and a chance of gold (2 Words)
7.Blows up everything. Don't get to close!
8.Made with 14 obsidian and 10 if you prefer saving your diamond pick
11.The Texture of objects, in a pack (2 Words)
12.Pronunciation of "skeleton" for Lewis And Simon
13.Warning: Contains pulp; Do not swallow
15.Won't attack you in the day- unless you attack them. Can climb walls
16.______ __ carried Neil Armstrong to the moon (2 Words)
18.You can get leather and steak from them
20.Pick/axes and shovels made out of this is faster than diamond but breaks easily

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