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For Brandon: May 2012


1 2
3     4     5        
6           7          
  9                       10
13             14                              
15             16                  
  18     19      
20 21                          
  24     25 26
27             28                 29  
31       32      
33       34 35      
  36       37   38                 39    

4.The band that sparked a conversation.
6.Our favorite Thai restaurant in Cincinnati.
9.The new outdoor "sport" that I love.
11.A chocolatey treat that is easy to hide.
13.The game we've frequently played through many of the shows we've watched (no hyphen).
14.Perhaps our favorite podcast.
15.The first sport I watched you play. With your graceful swagger.
16.What I always giving to you, whether you want them or not. Whether I know it or not.
19.The big solid meowy cat that looooves you. Also - God of Thunder.
21.The show that you had to narrate for me
22.A word that describes the level of affection I have for you.
23.The place where we went and there were lots of pretty lights and animal sculptures.
27.The market that is a European oasis in Cincinnati.
28.The city we explored in my home state. The capital.
30.The name you received from your mother's side of the family.
32.The awesome website that regularly entertains us with short clips.
33.The type of dance I most love and which you're a natural at.
36.The smaller cat that runs away while simultanously meowing for attention.
38.The awesome book series by somebody with your same first name.
39.Your professional field.
40.Where we went to celebrate pre-Valentine's Day dinner.
41.The tree that my street in Batesville is named for.
42....a midevil cookie, a cinnabon, hot yellow kool-aid, and SAVE A PRETZEL FOR THE ___ ____!
1.Your favorite type of dance. :) Which I'd like to do with you.
2.Where you went on your mission.
3.The month we met the first time, the second time, and went on our first date.
5.Awesome female comedian from live showing of our favorite podcast.
7.One of our more romantic dinners took place on what surface?
8.The city that was home to many of our adventures.
9.The man we remember on the 5th of November.
10.Our favorite pizza place in Cincinnti.
12.The last word of the title that distinguishes the awesome version from the so-so version.
17.The movie by which Geneva was first introduced to the previously mentioned band.
18.The first word in the name of the game Geneva wanted to play for such a long time.
20.The sport you felt like you wanted to play all the time (we played but once).
24.The color I wear most often. Working on this one...
25.Your type of flip-flop. :)
26.The place where your ice cream cakes typically come from.
29.Where we last went for sushi (with your parents).
31.What we both do on facebook that could be awkward, but isn't for us.
34.Where we first went for sushi (with my parents).
35.The last sport I watched you play with your nemesis.
37.What I love to burrow down in when it is freshly cleaned and dried.

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