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Chapter 9

Mr. Derrell

1 2 3 4    
8                         9      

3.the great grandmother of King David
8.Greek ruler who conquered the Persian empire
13.a grandson of King Jehoiachin and governor of Judah
14.intends to get across God's universal love for all peoples through the satirical story of a mean-spirited prophet
15.a prophet who encourages the exiles to get going again on rebuilding the Temple in order to preserve the people's faith
1.filled with code so that Greek oppressors couldn't understand its meaning
2.the quickest way to weaken a people's religious commitment in Nehemiah's time
4.the notion that God's love for Israel will make it a light for all nations, ultimately bringing together all people under his Reign
5.a priest and scribe from babylon who led a religious renewal in Jerusalem about a hundred years after the exiles returned to Judah
6.the shortest book in the Bible, a one-chapter attack on Edom
7.this prophet tells his people to tithe
9.the period after the exiles returned to Jerusalem
10.also called the festival of lights, is the celebration that followed the rededication of the Temple after the Greeks had defiled it
11.a history of the Jewish revolt against the Greek rulers
12.the governor of Judah and a model public servant, he called for the rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls
14.focuses on a plague of locusts that ravages the land, symbolizing God's judgment on the people's continuing infidelity

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