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Art 1 Final Exam Review

Miss. Woodruff

Final Exam for Second Semester Art 1


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4.A simple shape that tessellates, other than a square
7.The types of colors that Audrey Flack was know for using in her paintings
10.A washable, semi permanent paint
11.The type of energy that means motion or moevement.
12.Where Keith Haring created most of his artworks.
15.The "pixels" that created the colored spaces of the enlarged comics
17.The contemporary artist we studied who created large sculptures seen in parks and cities
18.Pinch the fabric and then pull up into the air, smoothing out a long shape. Tie off at the base, then work your way back up to the top, tying off the fabric in sections.
19.Pinch and tie off fabric in many different areas, securing them with rubber bands
23.The best type of marker to create a good foam print from
25.A grid of recognizable figures that fit together over adn over with no gaps
28.The female artist that was known for creating paintings that were filled with feminine objects
29.The type of earring that was created during clay molding.
31.The art process of separating a piece of fabric into sections and applying colors.
33.The significance of the word "Pop" in Pop Art
34.The name of the artist who passed away from AIDS
35.The brand of air-dry caly that we used
36.The artist that created Las Demoiselles de AVignon
38.The type of fashion that Tie-Dye is associated with
39.The metal tips that are used to carve into a printing plate
40.The special type of artwor that keith haring was known for creating
41.The artist known for creating tessellations that used recognizable figures
42.The rubber material that was carved into to create our printing plates
1.Along with France, this nation is credited with the origin of scratchboard
2.The pop artist who was known for creating commisioned portraits
3.The color below the layer of black on your scratch art paper
5.The pop artist known for enlarging comic book images.
6.Pinch the fabric and tie off, then continue to tie off, leaving spaces, until the whole fabric is sectioned off
8.Artwork that is broken up into geometric shapes, where you can see many views of an object all at the same time.
9.The contemporary Artist we studied that created mobiles and a circus act
12.Shape the material into a tube shape, then tie rubber bands up adn down the tube, leaving space between each band.
13.The media used to add color to your fabric T-Shirts
14.The scientific name for Soda Ash
16.The educator credited with inventing scratch art paper
20.What did it look like the women in Les Demoiselles de Avignon were wearing on their faces?
21.A visit to this country inspired an artist to create interlocking figures that fit together.
22.Reductive drawing, where you remive something to create an image
24.The first type of water used to rinse your T-Shirt
26.A transparent paint that usees the white of the paper for highlights
27.When a painting looks so realistic, it could be mistaken for a picture
30.Besides earrings, you had another choice to create for your clay project.
32.The country where relief printing was first developed
35.The artist know for creating Monoprints
37.Pinch the fabric in the center, then twist around in a flat circle.

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