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Network Terms Part 2

Sharon Lambert

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1.An IP address availabe to the Internet.
3.A protocol that governs the methods for ocmmunicating via modems and dial-up telephone lines
6.A network that covers a large campus or city.
9.The process of associating a character-based computer name to an IP address. (2 Words)
11.Network Address Translation.
14.A device that plugs into a computer and works like a cell phone to connect to a celluar WAN to give your computer Internet access. (2 Words)
16.A 48-bit hardware address unique to each NIC card or onboard network controller and assigned by the manufacturer. (2 Words)
18.Segmetn of network data that also inlcudes header, destination address, and trailer information that is sent as a unit.
20.A broadband telephone line that can caryy data at about five times the speed of regular telephone liines.
22.A fst, proprietary, and outdated Microsoft networking protocol used ony by Windows-based systems, and limited to LANs because it does not support routing.
23.Another name for a port. (2 Words)
25.A small network consisting of personal devices at clsoe range.
26.Terms for each of the four 8-bit numbers tath make up an IP address.
27.A protocol used to convert private IP addresses on a LAN to a public IP address before a data packet is sent over the Internet.
1.A windows and Unix command used to troubleshoot network connections.
2.Delays in network transmissions resulting in slower network performance.
4.Another name for MAC address. (2 Words)
5.A feature of the IEEE 8.02.11n standard for wireless networking whereby two or more antennas are used at both ends of transmission to improve performance.
7.Another name for I/O address. (2 Words)
8.A process in which a message is sent by one host to multiple hosts.
10.Network interface card. (2 Words)
12.An IP address that is used on a private TCP/IP network that is isolated from the Internet.
13.A private network that uses the TCP/IP protocols.
15.A network cable taht is used to connect a PC to a hum, switch, or router. (2 Words)
17.A 32-bit address consisting of four numbers separated by periods. (2 Words)
19.A computer network that covers only a small area, usually one building.
21.A commercial group that provides Internet access for a monthly fee.
23.As applied to services running on a computer, a number assigned to a proces on a computer so that the process can be found by TCP/IP.
24.An expansion card that plugs into a computer's motherboard and provides a port on the back of the card to connect a PC to a network.

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