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Network Terms Part 3

Sharon Lambert

Network Vocabulary

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1.A security technique that uses encrypted data packets between a private network and a computer somewhere on the Internet. (3 Words)
5.A group of four numbers that tell TCP/IP if a remote computer is on the same or a different network. (2 Words)
8.A computer name with a maximum of 15 characters that is suitable for used by the NetBIOS protocol. (2 Words)
11.An e-mail protocol used to download incoming email and has more functionality than its predecessor.
12.A device taht connects networks an dmakes decisions as to the best routes to use when forwarding packets.
15.Lights on the back of a NIC that indicate connectivity and network activity. (3 Words)
17.WLAN (2 Words)
18.The name of the access point for a wireless network.
19.A protocl that is used to authenticate or prove that a client who attempts to use an email server to send email is authorized to use the server. (2 Words)
21.Part of the TCP/IP protocol suite.
22.A data encryption method used on a wirelss networks that uses either 64-bit or 128-bit encryption keys that are static keys.
23.A protocol standard used by cellular WANs and cell phones.
25.The term Apple computers uses to describe the IEEE 802.11 b standard.
26.CAT-5e (2 Words)
27.The suite of protocols that supports communication on the Internet.
29.Wi-Fi protected access 2
30.A connectionless protocol that does not require a connection to send a packet and does not guarantee that the packet arrives at its destination.
2.A cable that is made of one or more twisted paris of wries and is not surrounded by shielding. (3 Words)
4.The protocol used by e-mail clients and servers to send e-mail messages over the Internet.
6.A cable that is nade ofone or more twisted pairs of wires and is surrounded by a metal shield. (3 Words)
7.Wi-Fi (2 Words)
9.An IP address in the address range 169.254.x.y, used by a computer when it cannot successfully lease an IP address from a DHCP server.
13.A network or group of networks that span a large geographical area.
14.A device used to segment a network.
16.A Windows command-line clinet/server application that allows an administrator or other user to control a computer remotely.
20.Wi-Fi protected Access
24.A protocol standard used by cellular WANs and cell phones.
28.This is being replaced by IMAP.

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