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Words that have to do with a vocational activity

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    28                     29

1.This is the check they sometimes do before allowing me to work with kids
6.This is what I should wear on my feet to an interview (3 Words)
8.This is the first thing people notice when shaking hands
9.This is one way to earn money
10.The name of the AHCCCS program where I can work and still receive benefits if I meet all eligbility requirements (3 Words)
12.A good way to get your foot in the door at an organization-but doesn't earn income
15.More than one person asking questions to see if I should have the job (2 Words)
16.This is something my mouth can do to show that I am a nice person to be around
17.It is very important to brush these before going to an interview
18.This helps to tell time
19.I manage money
21.How I get paid
23.This means I can work on project by myself
24.The amount of money I am paid yearly
28.This is very important during the interview to show I'm paying attention to the questions (2 Words)
30.This is the most important meal of the day so your tummy isnt rumbling during an interview
31.This is what I greet my interviewer with
32.This is what I need to do the morning of my interview so I smell nice
33.Sitting and talking about my credentials
2.This is a very important concept that means I pay special attention to pleasing the client (2 Words)
3.This is a term to show that I really, really want to work and am excited to have a job
4.These are the people that my employer calls to hear what kind of worker I am
5.It is important to make sure that you dont smell like _____ smoke when going into an interview
7.These are the people that work with me
11.This is the paper I created to apply for the job
13.This is what makes me able to perform the job
14.I greet people in an office
16.Important to change these daily
20.Food service industry worker
22.This is a term to describe working well with others (2 Words)
24.This is what I might wear to an interview
25.I always want this ringer off during an interview (2 Words)
26.This is something else I should bring to my interview
27.This is something I should bring to my interview
29.I work with the law

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