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Skeletal System and Muscular System


1       2     3     4 5
7           8                  
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28               29        

1.They are called Quads for short
7.A Muscle in the upper arm
8.The correct word for you Jaw
9.The Muscle around your Ankle
10.A bone located above your radius
13.It is bellow your Humerus and it is also related to maths
14.The bone in your foot, has Tarsals in it
17.A Muscle around your Neck
19.The Muscle in your stomach (called abs for short)
20.The bone in your hand, it also has the word carpals in it
26.A Muscle around your bottom
27.It is the actual name for your knee that sounds like a chocolate spread
28.A Muscle behind your Biceps
29.Also known as your pelvis
2.They are the bones located around your chest, it is also the name of a popular flavour for chips
3.Muscle behind your spine
4.The correct word for you Collar bone
5.A Muscle around your chest
6.Behind your Intercostal Muscles
11.The bone in your wrist
12.The Muscles in your chest
15.They are the bones in your fingers and toes
16.Known as your hammy
18.The correct word for your shoulder blade
21.The correct word for your Skull
22.The bone in your Ankle
23.The Muscle above your Ankle behind your Calf
24.A Muscle around your Shoulder
25.The correct word for your Thigh

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