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Skeletal System

M. Crossman

The human skeleton! :D

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2.It sounds similar to a hazelnut chocolate spread (hint: replace the Nu in Nutella and you will find the answer quickly)
5.The proper name for the Pelvis.
6.It is also known as the Clavicle
8.It's the scientific name for the front arm bone
9.It's the scientific name for the jawbone.
10.It is behind the Radius
11.The proper name for the shoulder bone starting with 'S'
13.It is the bone that keeps us alive, the main nerve transfer line and the main source of balance and support.
15.The scientific name for the spine at your neck. (2 Words)
16.It is the scientific name for the forearm bone.
19.It's the scientific name for the bone that protects the brain.
1.It's the lower part of the vertebrae (3 Words)
3.It is the upper part of the vertebrae (2 Words)
4.It is the name of the front bone of your leg.
7.It's behind the tibia and starts with 'F'
12.These are the bones of your hands and toes (the proper name)
14.It is the small stubby bone at the bottom of the Sternum.
17.The scientific name for the tail bone
18.They're the bones that protect the heart and lungs.

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