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Endangered Animals

Mike Morcom

Includes names of endangered animals

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3.This is a slow-moving mammal that lives hanging upside-down from trees.
5.These are large, solitary, tree-dwelling apes and live in South-East Asia.
11.The largest toothed whale, over 50 feet long. It eats giant squid.
14.Large predators that are the fastest swimming fish!
15.This is the largest land animal and lives in Africa.
16.Large-eyed primates from Madagascar.
18.A chicken-sized flightless bird from New Zealand.
23.These are small to medium-sized kangaroos.
25.These animals have black and white stripes and look similar to a horse. They live in Africa.
26.These are two-humped animals from the deserts and steppes of Asia.
30.This is a fish-eating bird with a huge pouched bill.
31.These are great apes from Africa.
32.This is also known as the American Buffalo and are the heaviest land animals in North America. Indians liked to kill these.
33.These are very intelligent apes from Africa; they are closely related to humans.
1.The largest fish and a filter feeder that eats tiny marine organisms and small fish.
2.This is the largest animal that has ever lived on Earth.
4.These are black and white bears from China.
6.This large cat is the fastest land animal.
7.The fastest flyers, who prey upon other birds.
8.This is a very large land animal living in Africa. It has grey skin and two horn-like spikes on its head.
9.This is a large bear with a muscular hump on its shoulders.
10.An enormous, ferocious predator found worldwide in the oceans.
12.A large constricting snake from South and Central America.
13.A huge filter feeder and the second largest fish.
17.This is a meat-eating reptile from South and Central America and looks similar to a crocodile.
19.These are carnivores that live in packs and howl.
20.A long-flippered baleen whale that sings and frolics in the water.
21.The biggest lizard in the world and a fierce predator.
22.The largest member of the cat family and has stripes.
24.A long-tailed wild cat with no spots. It is also known as the catamount, panther, mountain lion, and cougar.
27.This is a large, spotted wild cat from South and Central America.
28.This is an Australian marsupial. It is not a bear.
29.A plant-eating, hoofed mammal with a small trunk. It lives in South America.

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