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Word Problems 4

Solve the following problems. Ask your teacher if you can use a calculator. If your answer contains a decimal, the decimal point will take a space.

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2.Harrison bought an iPAD 3 on sale for $292.50. It was 35% off. How much was the original price?
4.Ms. Kimberly's class is selling cookies and brownies to raise money for an animal shelter. Cookies are $0.50 and brownies are $0.75. They sold 27 cookies and 48 brownies Saturday. They sold 13 brownies and 65 cookies Sunday. How much did they make over the weekend?
9.On Monday, Jahkai began reading a book. On Friday, He had read up to page 180. If he read the same amount of pages each night, what page was he on at the end of Wednesday?
10.What is the median of the following numbers: 342, 987, 234, 765, 509, 456, 800 & 191?
13.Blake ate two cookies. Each cookie was 475 calories. He plans on biking. Biking burns 300 calories an hour. How many minutes does he need to bike to burn off the cookies?
14.Nico sells cars. For each car he sells he receives $250 plus 5% comission on the price. If he sells cars worth 19,600, 21,000 & 16,750; how much will he make?
15.The temperature on July 4th was 87.5 degrees. It rose on the 5th 8 degrees. The following day it dropped 13 degrees. What was the temperature on the 6th?
16.I went to the mall and bought 3 pairs of socks for $4 each, a blouse for $19 and a skirt for $15. Tax was 6%. I paid with a $50 bill what was my change?
17.The library has several books on economics. Two books are 340 pages. One is 293 pages. Seven have 167 pages. Another has 189 pages. Three more have 413 pages. How many pages are there in all?
19.Mr. McCauley wants to figure out how many minutes he exercises a week. On Monday he biked for an hour. On Tuesday he swam for 45 minutes. On Wednesday he ran for an hour and a half. On Friday & Saturday he walked for 2 hours each day. On Sunday he biked for half an hour. How many minutes total did he exercise?
20.Ms. Clarke is planting a garden. The garden is 18 ft x 24 ft. She can plant 3 seeds per sq foot. How many seeds will she need?
1.Amy is making friendship bracelets. She used 5.5 yards of blue string, 4.25 yards of white, 10.5 yards of black & 3.25 yards of yellow. How many feet did she use in total?
3.Griffin received sports cards for his birthday. He received 9 more baseball cards than football cards. He received 4 more baseball cards than basketball cards. If he received 15 football cards, how many cards did he receive in all?
5.Simon went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for an apple pie. He bought 6 apples at $0.89 per 3, a bag of flour for $2.99, a bag of sugar for $1.95, 2 lemons for $0.33 each and a pound of butter for $3.45. How much did he spend?
6.Ms. Murphy is planning on going on vacation. She wants to drive to Florida. She knows that her car gets 22 miles per gallon. Her trip is 1314.5 miles each way. How many gallons of gas will she need to buy for the round trip?
7.Ms. Tracey is preparing to run a marathon. She knows she needs to be able to run 35 miles at once to be able to do this. Currently she can run 80% of this distance. How many miles can she run now?
8.Maggie went to the beauty parlor. She got her nails done for $29.25. She also had her hair cut for $35.75. She left the stylist a 15% tip. Including tip, how much did she spend?
11.The kitchen staff is preparing to make quiche for the school. They need 8 eggs per quiche. They need to make 162 quiche. How many dozen eggs do they need?
12.David earns $8.75 per hour at a grocery store. He earns time and a half for any time worked over forty hours. This week he worked: 8 hr. Mon, 7 hr. Tues, 10 hr. Wed, 8 hr. Thurs, 9 hr. Fri. How much did he earn?
13.Steve is playing basketball. He scores 2 three point shots and 4 two point shots. How many points did he score for his team?
16.My English textbook is 1348 pages. On what page will I be on when I am 3/4 of the way done?
17.Nate has the following grades in Math: 87, 75, 98, 100, 65 & 91. If he gets 100 on his next two tests, how many points will he raise his average grade?
18.I want to paint my living room. The room is 12 ft x 16 ft. The walls are 8 feet tall. Each quart of paint covers 32 square feet. How many quarts will I need?
21.Mr. Kepics is making potato salad for a party. His recipe that serves 12 people calls for 16 potatoes. How many potatoes will he need if he needs enough for 18 people?
22.Allie needs to write a five page paper for History. She currently has 3 pages written. What percent has she finished?

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