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1 2 3      
4       5  
      6     7
8 9 10                    
13     14       15            
16                       17  
        21     22
26   27           28      
        29       30      

4.a symbol written to the left of a note that lowers the pitch by half step
6.a straight line connecting two or more notes such as eight and sixteenth notes
9.a small line written above or below the staff to extend the range of notation
11.and end-blown flute-like instrument that has a whistle, mouthpiece, available in soprano. alto, tenor, or bass
14.a small symbol placed to the right of a note that increases the duration of the note by one half
15.fast tempo/ speed
16.tempo gradually gets faster
18.pluck strings instead of bowing
19.a scale having 5 tones to the octave, usually avoiding half steps
23.gradually get longer
25.a pause in the musc
26.a large group of instumentalists consisting of woodwind, brass, string, and percussion sections
29.a symbol placed at the beginning of the staff to indicate names of lines and spaces
30.a musical pulse or unit of time/ the steady pulse of music
32.slow speed (not to slow)
33.playing notes in a smooth, connected manner
1.Slow and steady
3.the difference in pitch between 2 notes
5.the distance between one key and the next adjacent white or black key on a keyboard
7.medium tempo/speed
8.symbols such as sharps or flats and naturals that raise or lower a pitch
10.two notes that sound the same but are spelled differently
12.the director of a group of musicians
13.gradually get softer
17.a verticall line on the staff to seperate measures in a compsition
20.symbols that indicated a change in volume of a song
21.the inteval between 2 adjacent notes of the same name
22.a complete musical thought
24.very fast tempo or speed
27.a combination of three or more notes sounding at the same time / multipel notes sounding simultaneously
28.play the music at a moderately slow speed

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