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4.A complex behavior that is rigidly patterned throughout a species and is unlearned.
9.The form of sugar that circulates in the blood and provides the major source of energy for body tissues.
10.Assumes that workers are basically lazy, error-prone, and extrinsically motivated by money and, thus, should be directed from above.
12.Assumes that, given challenge and freedom, workers are motivated to achieve self-esteem and to demonstrate their competence and creativity.
13.The idea that a physiological need creates an aroused tension state (a drive) that motivates an organism to satisfy the need.
14.The point at which an individual's "weight thermostat" is supposedly set. When the body falls below this weight, an increase in hunger and a lowered metabolic rate may act to restore the lost weight.
15.A positive or negative environmental stimulus that motivates behavior.
1.A desire for significant accomplishment: for mastery of things, people, or ideas; for attaining a high standard.
2.Maslow's pyramid of human needs, beginning at the base with physiological needs that must first be satisfied before higher-level safety needs and then psychological needs become active.
3.Interview process that asks the same job-relevant questions of all applicants, each of whom is rated on established scales.
5.The body's resting rate of energy expenditure.
6.Group-oriented leadership that builds teamwork, mediates conflict, and offers support.
7.Goal-oriented leadership that sets standards, organizes work, and focuses attention on goals.
8.A tendency to maintain a balanced or constant internal state; the regulation of any aspect of body chemistry, such as blood glucose, around a particular level.
11.A completely involved, focused state of consciousness, with diminished awareness of self and time, resulting from optimal engagement of one's skills.

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