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Let's M.E.E.T. on Common Ground

written by Karen du Four des Champs

A warm up activity to engage the brain on the topic of "respectful communications." A helpful retention tool.

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2.In the M.E.E.T. model, this is a strategy for taking responsibility.
6.In the M.E.E.T. model, this is a strategy for encouraging respect.
8.A tool to use that builds respectful communications.
10.How we respond.
12.Number of steps on the Ladder of Inference.
13.Customer and employee satisfaction goes up; costs decreases.
15.A critical core philosophy and value that guides business activities at SEL.
17.Something that elicits a strong emotional response or reaction.
1.The individual and business impact of going from "no conflict" to "violence."
2.Our beliefs affect what data we select next time.
3.What you are going to do differently as a result of this training?
4.An example of disrespectful verbal communication.
5.An example of disrespectful non-verbal communication.
7.A range of emotional states and physical sensations. Examples include: Glad, Sad, Mad, Scared.
9.Stands for taking responsibility; a leadership competency.
11.An example of being greeted with a smile even I don’t know this coworker.
14.Stands for exploring the differences or encouraging respect.
16.Stands for making time to discuss.

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