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Nature of waves

Danielle Brown

science class crossword puzzle

1           2         3
  4   5      
8   9   10                      
      14               15  
    16 17          
19     20           21        

1.less dense area of a compressional wave
5.repeating movement that transfer energy through matter or space
6.earthquakes are thses kinds of waves
7.time it takes one wavelength to pass a point
8.matter in medium move at right angle to wave's direction of travel
11.it is wavelength times frequency
12.use this kind of spring to model a compresional wave
13.it causes most water waves
14.measures from crest to crest
16.it is the matter that waves travel through
18.go here to observe tranverse waves in action
19.in water waves, water moves in this kind of motion
21.this wave can travel through empty space
22.number of wavelengths that pass a point in 1 second
23.this measures frequency
2.matter move back and forth in same direction as wave travel
3.more dense area of a longitudinal wave
4.these waves need a medium
5.waves travel faster when the temperature is
9.it tells how much energy a wave carries
10.waves travel fastest through these mediums
15.maximum negative displacement in a transverse wave
17.waves carry this without moving matter from place to place
20.maximum positive displacement in a transverse wave

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