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Atoms, Molecules and Elements

Euthis Buttes

Chemistry puzzle with normal and cryptic clues that are anagrams

1   2 3
4     5   6    
    10 11          
14 15   16             17
21             22                      
      23       24
25   26   27                  
31               32             33  
34           35   36 37 38   39
  40           41                
  43                     44  
45                 46        

1.State of matter that is least dense. Back it out and the balloon will sag. (3)
5.Most of the periodic table are one of these mostly shiny conductors, but they only make the L team
7.Atoms can join together to form one of these, like H2O or CO2, or a cool character from "The Wind in the Willows". (8)
8.An idea as to how something that we can't see might be, a representation of, scientific ones won't be on the catwalk. (5)
9.Include aitch too for the lightest of gases and top of the pops, itself gone dry. (8)
11.The stuff that all the universe is made of, find it at term mixer. (6)
12.Element 7, most of the atmosphere, Ron get in a muddle for this one. Note ring involved. (8)
13.To change from the solid to the liquid state, the fate of chocolate in one's pocket is to do this. (4)
15.What will sugar do in water? Molecules or ions separate from one another into the solvent
18.Changing from the liquid state to the vapour state, it's how things dry..(11)
19.Yellow non metal element, number 16. Brimstone is another name. (6)
21.How much matter is in a given volume, alter destiny to achieve this one. (7)
22.A measure of the amount of heat energy in matter. But for you to have one is bad. (11)
23.Least energetic state of matter found in silo D, most reliable. (5)
26.An idea as to how some process takes place which can potentially be put to experimental testing. (10)
28.When water molecules are so energetic as to leap free of their comrades and become a gas the water is described as b_____g. (7)
29.This element is found under sodium, and very similar, 'kay? Spout Siam to find it. (9)
30.Atoms, ions or molecules that have arranged themselves into regular repeating units form one. Last cry mixed up in it. (7)
31.This subatomic particle stays in the nucleus free of charge, does it have eyes? (7)
32.Toxic green gas about 35.5, a halogen in group 7, found in the pool? A trained Cl?
34.Different atoms or molecules are present but not reacted with each other. The uncooked cake is just a m______. (7)
40.Drink to H2O, this is the liquid of life, raw ET gets all mixed up for the solution. (5).
41.This Chemical table devised by Mendeleev might be on the wall, at regular intervals. (8)
42.To remove heat energy until the atoms or molecules cease moving, free to begin then easy back. STOP (5)
43.Change from solid to liquid or liquid to gas is a p_______ change not a chemical one, ha lipsync without nitrogen in a mix. (8)
45.Oh two of these for us to breathe ,that vital gas in the air, Gee, why oxen mixed up in it. (6)
46.A form of the element oxygen that forms a protective layer in the atmosphere, despite holes. Zero area. (5)
47.Fluid state of matter that will fill a constant volume of space, Roman 51 starts it. (6)
48.Element 6, It's the blackest graphite and the brightest diamond, and Bucky Balls. (6)
49.This solid H20 is cold and on the rocks. (3)
2.Highly excited water molecules can drive an engine, mates in a mix up? (5)
3.Lightest of the noble gases, first found on the sun! it's number 2 but no taste or smell.
4.Another word for gas, but don,t get an attack of these, v____r. (6)
6.If an hypothesis does not fail experimental testing it may become one of these. Roy the mixed up could be involved. (6)
7.Russian Scientist who devised the periodic table. (9)
10.English Scientist who proposed that elements like oxygen and hydrogen exist as molecules not just atoms, O2 and H2. (6)
14.Shiny reddish metallic element, can you see it? It can See You, member of the constabulary? (6)
16.Molecules or ions dissolved in a solvent form one of these. The answer. (8)
17.When molecules come together and change from the gas state to liquid state. (12)
20.The smallest particle of an element, indivisible? and first half of the alphabet. (4)
24.Crystal of element 6 is the hardest to find, but well suited. (7)
25.If all the atoms are the same, then it's one of these, or is it on the stove? (7)
27.This element is essential to life, but can be highly reactive just with the air, and glow after dark so beware, Cryptic clue is mix shop shop ru? (10)
33.Subatomic particle, negative and in a spin around the nucleus, or vote for Ronald. (8)
35.Measure of activity of atoms, may be added or removed, as heat or pressure or movement, you get it from food. (6)
36.When bonds between atoms are formed or broken and new substances formed. A chemical r_______ has occurred. (8)
37.Subatomic particle positively in the nucleus, and in favour of 1000 kg. (6)
38.Element 11, highly reactive metal, part of common salt, add ole makes melodious. (6)
39.To say, Solid, Liquid or Gas. Each is a different s____ of matter. (5)
44.Charged atom or molecule that has lost an electron or gained a proton. Opposite of eye off? (3)

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