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Provincial, Territorial and Municipal Government

Mr. McLean

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24                   25 26
30               31

2.The highest Ontario court is the Provincial Court of _________.
6.Elected officials who work with a mayor to make decisions for a municipality.
8.City where Ontario's government meets.
9.head of a provincial government.
11.Premier of Ontario.
12.Territorial governments have limited control over this.
14.Cabinet ___________ help a premier run the government.
16.Capital of the Northwest Territory.
18.Warden of Lambton County Council.
20.M.P.P. for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.
21.Ontario's current lieutenant governor is David ________.
23.Mayor of Lambton Shores.
24.M.P.P. stands for "Member of Provincial _________".
27.Capital of P.E.I.
29.The total population of Canada's territories is about one _______ thousand.
30.Ontario's Law-making body is known as the Legislative ________.
32.Sometimes used as the title for head of a rural municipal government.
1.Where Quebec's National Assembly meets.
2.Eva ________ is the premier of Nunavut.
3.Each member of council represents a ______ of the municipality.
4.Another name for the local level of government.
5.These have constitutional responsibility for local governments.
7.What a territory may become with sufficient population.
10.____________ governor.
13.Territory whose capital city is Whitehorse.
15.Edna Elias is the __________ of Nunavut.
17.Number of municipal governments in Lambton County.
19.McGuinty's party.
22.The newest Canadian territory.
25.Capital of B.C.
26.Number of members of the Lambton Shores Council.
28.Head of a municipal government.
31.Number of legislative assemblies in a provincial and territorial government.

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