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  3 4
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1.A fairly short piece of drama that forms one section of the whole.
5.The imaginary place and time that the stage area represents.
6.A signal to begin action or dialogue.
7.A humorous, entertaining play.
8.Knowing when to say a line or do any "business" and how quickly.
10.Miming or movement on stage
11.A speech for one actor who speaks aloud directly to the audience.
14.A scene performed with little or no rehearsal.
19.A character where one main aspect is exaggerated.
20.Short for "property": An object used on stage. It may be real or fake.
21.To keep absolutely still and motionless.
22.The process of practising the play until it is ready.
23.A movement, usually of the arm, that helps to express an idea.
24.When an actor is facing the audience at centre stage, his LEFT
2.The clothes that actors wear on stage
3.The actors' positions on stage: Low Medium High
4.The people who come to watch the performance.
9.The upwards and downwards pattern of the voice – rising and falling.
10.Planning out where each actor will be at any time during the play
12.The imaginary person that the actor pretends to be on stage.
13.A stage area toward the audience.
15.When an actor is facing the audience at centre stage, his RIGHT
16.A stage area away from the audience.
17.A frozen scene.
18.To act-out or imitate an action or situation without props or speech.
20.To cause your voice to be heard clearly, even far away.
24.The actual pieces of furniture, blocks, structures on the stage.

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