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Jubilee Crossword

by Sue Gaughan

Some of the clues are cyptic, some are anagrams, and some just need thinking about! All of the answers have something to do with this weekends celebrations. Have fun!

2 3  
  4       5  
  6         7      
8       9      
10     11         12        
15         16        
17     18        
19           20  

1.Ascot is top (3)
4.Their shoes are lucky (6)
6.A junk icon, Flag it (5,4)
8.Secured in the Tower - shining! (6)
10.Danger! Not everything is rosy (6)
12.Dinner, cocktail or Birthday? (5)
13.Finery (7)
14.Rule (5)
15.My anchor, if you're a royalist (8)
18.Liquid refreshment - not for the tee total (5)
19.Drag us in front of a fire for security (6)
21.The food of love, it is said (5)
23.A big black bird comes before nervous patients maybe? (5)
1.Sounds like a gas, waiting in line (4)
2.A place to live maybe? (6)
3.Acronym for the Queen (3)
5.The blaze I know will call her (9)
7.Line, coloured silver (7)
9.Where the streets are paved with gold! (6)
11.Hope and Tiffany are famous ones (7)
12.Dear Pa, we don't want rain on it! (6)
16.Registered, or a toy possibly? (5)
17.Freddie leads Her Majesty (5)
20.She's usually nice, and hot (3)
22.Grub! (4)
23.A phrase? No, toss it! (4)

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