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A Puzzle for Brandon

Emily McLean

  2 3 4
      5   6      
7 8                      
10   11                        
13                 14                      
  15 16                    
18           19
20   21         22        
    26 27        

1.my way of expressing how i feel
6.my favorite tea
8.the place it all started
11.favourite tv show to watch together (three words,no spaces)
12.my dream place
13.my favorite holiday
14.my favorite movie (two words) (2 Words)
15.my favorite flower (two words)
17.the name of my workplace
18.gosling or reynolds (my biggest threat)
21.my middle names (two words,no spaces)
23.the name of the boy i want to spend the rest of my life with
24.my little sisters nickname
25.my favorite bird
26.my favorite season
28.my favorite article of clothing
1.my favorite drink
2.the first place you took me on a date to
3.the month of our anniversary
4.the name of my best friend
5.favorite ice cream flavor (three words,no spaces)
6.my major in school
7.my birth month
9.my favorite food
10.the city i was born in
16.my favorite animal
19.my favorite candy
20.my favorite color
21.my mothers name
22.the person i love most
27.the university i go to

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