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Cellular Biology

Euthis Buttes

1 2            
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42                     43            

2.Louis, Louis, oh a whey I go. French Scientist whose process lead to safer milk, out to pasture now! (7)
4.Simple life forms may be composed of a single one of these. Hope not to end up in one! (4)
5.These unicellular eukaryotes include Paramecium, Euglena and Amoeba. Need pro at zoo to produce these. (8)
7.Green pigment that captures light energy in chloroplasts. Left (L) holly porch to get this one. (11)
9.Solution that fills cells, palmy cots made into this stuff. (9)
10.Sort of dish used to contain agar medium for growing microbes on. Or a load of tripe? (5)
12.Condition of less than great function possibly caused by micro-organisms. See aids could be mixed up in this. (7)
15.Process where yeast turns sugar into ethanol and CO2, May mix up fat mentioner. (12)
19.The goal can be found at the pointy end of the microscope. BO jive etc reordered. (9)
21.These organelles are the power plant of a eukaryotic cell, ditch moon air to find the answer. (12)
22.Organisms that are the cause of disease, found in the pea thongs reordered. (9)
23.DNA is organised into these, we have them in pairs three and twenty. No smoochers reorganised. (11)
25.Plants make this to store glucose. It charts very well. (6)
26.Composed of single cells, they may clump together. Bacteria and protozoans are this. Lulu ran lice remixed. (11)
27.Unicellular prokaryotic cells, may cause disease or add some culture to yoghurt or cheese. Bear cat I mixed up. (8)
29.Happening of its own accord, as in the discredited theory of the s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s generation of life. No one pats us rearranged. (11)
31.The "Black Death" of the Middle Ages was the Bubonic _ _ _ _ _ _. Lug ape around if you like. (6)
32.Device for magnifying the very small, comic ropes arranged it. (10)
37.Control centre of a eukaryotic cell, where the chromosomes roam, sun clue mixed up. (7)
38.Substance produced by organisms to fight unicellular pathogens. Coin bait it mixed up in this one. (10)
40.Gas produced in photosynthesis, oh to breathe this wasserstoff, But x gone y in the mix. (6)
41.Membrane bound storage "bubble" within the cytoplasm, A copper vole could help. (7)
42.Cells that have membrane bound organelles, your cake it mixed up. (10)
43.These things too can cause disease, it's one of them that makes us sneeze. V _ _ _ _ _ s (7).
1.Another word for immunisation deriving from Latin for cow. V _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ n. (11)
2.The process of capturing light energy to fix carbon to produce glucose and O too. Adjust shiny t pot shoes. (14)
3.These microscopic plants can be green or blue green, Blow a gale to find them. (5)
6.Structure in eukaryotic cell that performs a particular function. Longer ale could be mixed up. (9)
8.This unicellular fungus raises a lot of bread . Perhaps Yeats could compose something? (5)
11.Process of moving from one place to another. Sport rant arranged this one. (9)
13.To a cell it's like a skin, all the stuff is held within, organelles in this are bound, it borders vacuoles to make them round. Bream men make this answer. (8)
14.Knowledge of cellular structure greatly increased following the invention of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ microscope. Lo centre organised this answer. (8)
16.Process of moving from high concentration area to low concentration area. Is found if rearranged. (9)
17.Green, membrane bound structure that makes food from light and CO2. Plot scholar uncovered? (11)
18.These make things rough when they're seen, little protein making machines, bosom's ire it would seem. (8)
20.Uncontrolled outbreak of disease, e _ _ _ _ _ _ c. Pied mice might be involved. (8)
22.For the 13 - 19 year olds, large molecules that make hair, muscle and skin. Pine rots into these. (8)
24.Product of fermentation, not the bubbles. Mixture from the loan. (7)
28.Reproduction that produces offspring from a single parent, Au axles could help. (7)
29.Name of the microbe and the disease causing food poisoning, raw chicken has it? An all moles mix up. (10)
30.Microbes will cause a corpse to do this. Come posed to be configured into the solution. (9)
33.This is what food will do if not preserved. Alter polis to find this word for ruin. (5)
34.Yeast is a unicellular example, but this group could mushroom. Chap who's company is enjoyable? (5)
35.Process of diffusion across a selectively permeable membrane. O is moss involved? (7)
36.Blob like unicellular organism. engulfs it's food, there's o abeam in this one. (6)
39.Visible group of microbes grown on an agar plate. Cloony arranged this one. (6)

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