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Horse Parts

Grace Looney

3     4     5
9       10
12               13  

1.are the inward folds of the wall, originating from the heels at an abrupt angle.
2.White spot on the forehead
3.The area on the horse's back just after the neck but above the shoulders
6.White that starts above the forehead, goes to the muzzle, and extends beyond the bridge of the nose to the side of the face
8.Narrow white stripe down the center of the face, on the bridge of the nose
12.A small white band just above the hoof
14.The horse's ankle
15.A white marking that extends from the edge of the hoof halfway up the middle of the leg
16.A white marking that extends from edge of the hoof two-thirds of the way up the leg
17.A white marking that extends from edge of the hoof to the knee or hock
1.Wide white area that runs along the bridge of the nose
4.A white marking that extends from the edge of the hoof halfway up the pastern
5.has a whitish-yellowish, sometimes grayish color. It covers the whole space from the perimeter of the wall to the bars and the frog, on the underside of the hoof.
6.the body of the horse, enclosing the rib cage and the major internal organs
7.The area of the horse's head that includes the mouth and nostrils
9.is a V shaped structure that extends forwards across about two-thirds of the sole. Its thickness grows from the front to the back and, at the back, it merges with the heel periople. In its midline, it has a central groove (sulcus), that extends up between the bulbs.
10.the beginning of the horse's tail
11.The hair between the horse's ears that falls onto the forehead
13.The elbow-like joint of the horse's back legs
17.White spot located on the muzzle, between or just below the nostrils

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