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Renewable Energy

  2 3
  5 6    
7         8  

4.produces electricity chemically, by combining hydrogen fuel with oxygen from the air (2 Words)
9.saving energy (2 Words)
11.uses the suns energy to heat something directly (3 Words)
1.energy produced from moving water (2 Words)
2.energy from the sun collected by gathers and used to heat a building or water (3 Words)
3.energy sources that are still in development (2 Words)
5.the percentage of energy put into a system that does useful work (2 Words)
6.the energy from heat in the Earth's crust (2 Words)
7.energy from sources that are constantly being formed (2 Words)
8.warm surface water is used to boil sea water
10.organic matter that is used at an energy source (2 Words)

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