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3.The __________ atom of the side chain of Clycine fits into the inside of the triple helix.
6.Osteogenesis imperfectia = brittle bones disorder, to do with Type-______ collagen problems
7.Ehlers-Danlus Syndrome may be due to mutation in collagen genes, procollagen N. proteinase or hydroxylase (v rare), often showing joint _____________.
8.Laminin and Fibronectin both bind to integrins, but only ___________ is significantly associated with the basal lamina only.
9.__________ allows chains to fit together in the motif (Gly-X-X)n
11.A mutant pro-alpha-1 chain allele results in less normal collagen production than a null pro-alpha-1 chain allele in OI.
12.ECM plays a role in allowing cells to ____________.
13.A lack of vitamin C means no more ___________
14.Fibrils give ____________ strength
1.________ are cell-surface, transmembrane proteins.
2.Lys- and Pro- __________ holds alpha-chains together
4.GAGs resist __________ forces
5.Collagen is most commonly produced by __________.
7.______________ is the only glycoaminoglycan that does not form co-valent bonds with a core protein.
9.The repeating unit of an alpha-chain (ignore hyphens)
10.Arterial walls have collagen interwoven with _____________

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