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Art History

Ms. Hetrick

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3.An English sculptor known for his semi-abstract, monumental bronze sculptures, usually of the human figure. His works can be found in public places around the world, including many college campuses in the US and in front of the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh.
9.Feminist artist well-known for her installation called The Dinner Party.
10.Canadian-American arcnitect who creates curvilinear buildings in a style called Deconstructiviism; one of his buildings is the Computer Science building at MIT
18.Artist who painted A Starry Night and The Potato Eaters.
19.French impressionist who made many paintings of lily ponds.
21.During his twenties, he painted a series on the Great Migration of African Americans from the Rural South to the Urban North. A painting of his hangs in the White House.
23.Considered the father of the ceramic Funk Art movement.
25.Brooklyn graffit artist born in 1960 who collaborated with Andy Warhol
26.American contemporary graphic designer who created Andre the Giant Has a Posse. A well-known work by this artist was used on the Barack Obama Hope poster. His work can be seen in murals around the city of Pittsburgh.
27.The most famous and most prolific artist of the 20th C; founder of cubism; well-known works include Guernica and Les Demoiselles d'Avigon.
28.A famous pop artist who was an alumnus of Schenley High School. Think soup.
29.A Norweigan painter and printmaker who created intense works with psychological themes. A well-known work is The Scream.
1.A Mexican painter who was involved in a traffic accident that created numerous health problems and caused her pain throughout her life. She painted numerous self-portraits and still lifes of fruit; there was a folk art influence in her work. There is a movie about her life.
2.British graffiti artist who just wrote a book titled "You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat."
4.Architect who designed the Vietnam Memorial in DC as well as the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama
5.Installation artist known for wrapping large objects such as bridges.
6.African American artist known for her painted story quilts. Has an awesome website worth visiting at faithringgold.com
7.An Italian Rennaisance sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer who profoundly influenced Western Art. He painted the Sistine Chapel and sculpted marble with passion
8.Creates portaits and other images from a grid without using a computer.
11.A modern American artist from the early 20th century. She painted abstracted, large format, close-ups of flowers, as well as bones, and desert landscapes.
12.An American sculptor known for his twisted wire sculptures and his invention of the mobile, whose suspended, abstract elements move and balance in changing harmony.
13.Artist who makes large scale works by re-aranging objects found in nature, such as leaves, branches, stones, or rocks. Many works are temporary, such as those made of snow or ice.
14.An African American artist who created his own name that means Creative Black Artist Battling Ignorance
15.A world-famous graphic artist known for his so-called Impossible Structures and his Transforamtion Prints. He created drawings, sketches, woodcuts, lithographs, wood engravings tapestries, murals, and illustrated books. He was left-handed.
16.New York pop artist who creates large scale paintings and sculptures using old-fashioned comic strips as his subject matter. His graphic motif consisted of black lines and Ben-day dots
17.Mexican painter from the 20th century well-known for his murals painted using the fresco technique. He married Frida Kahlo
20.A well-known African American artist who lived in the Hill and graduated from Peabody High School. His family moved to New York City and he became a major figure in the Harlem Rennaissance. He is best known for his richly-textured collages.
22.A Flemish painter whose painting of a young girl wearing some jewlery inspired a book and a movie.
24.Architect who designed the glass pyramid for the Louvre entrance.

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