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Ancient Greece Portfolio Crossword Puzzle

Alex WInchell #27

This is a crossword I created for my class

1 2         3 4
5         6 7          
10       11        
    13 14              
16                   17          

1.This city is named after Athena.
5.The goddess that gave Athenians the Sacred Olive Tree.
7.The messenger of the gods.
8.Persephone's mother.
11.Socrate's Pupil, he was a philosopher.
13.This is an Island covered with terraced buildings all over it in Greece.
16.He took Hestia's place in Olympus.
17.Goddess of the hearth.
18.The god of music and foresight.
20.Plato's Pupil, he was a philosopher.
21.The god of blacksmithing.
2.He went to Crete and killed a bull/man combination.
3.Zeus' jealous and murderous queen.
4.This island was ruled by King Minos when Theseus arrived.
6.The god of war.
7.A demigod son of Zeus, he borrowed Cerberus from the underworld.
9.This is the monster Theseus killed to stop the tribute from Athens.
10.Apollo's sister, the goddess of the hunt.
11.The god of earthquakes and the sea.
12.The lord of the underworld's "part-time" wife.
14.The goddess 'o' love.
15.The name of the Greek underworld, this is also a god's name.
19.The king of the gods and the God of Lightning.

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