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German Sports

Declan Ashworth

try and write in the sports for german, using the clues given. remember umlauts, spell them correctly and definetley in german!

1 2
7   8                
      12   13          

3.you kick this with your foot
5.this is being hosted in london 2012
7.this is played on a table and is a little bit like tennis
9.you have a long metal pole and you have to throw it as far as you can
12.you are not allowed to move with the ball and is mainly played by girls
14.you hit the ball which is a corky, with a wooden bat
1.this is played with a racket and a shuttlecock
2.you have a steel heavy ball and you have to throw it as far as you can
4.this is played using a club and you have to try and get it in a hole
6.you can score a basket and the players are really tall
8.you normally do this in a pool
10.you hit this with a racket and is sometimes played at wimbledon
11.you shoot at a small net, using a stick and the keeper is usually padded up
13.you have an egg shaped ball and you can get a try

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