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german food

Lizzy :)

a crossword for revision on german food

1 2 3        
4             5  

2.a yellow fruit that has to be peeled before esting in german
4.goes very well with custard in german
7.an orange vegetable can bee eaten raw or cooked in german
8.a fruit usually seen red or green. the first bite is the best. in german
9.usually crunchy and dunked in tea in german
1.bread crumbs an meat in german
3.a spiky fruit before its peeled bright yellow. in german
5.a small red fruit. usually eaten with cream. in german
6.a small fruit which is juicy nearlly always found in green or red can make wine in german
7.a really tasty food usually has icing on in german
9.a green fruit which is round and has a small later of tiny hairs on the outside the same in english as it is in german.

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