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Benchmark #4 Review

Ms. Driver

1 2                 3      
4           5  
  6           7   8
11 12                        
  14 15      
16         17            
18                     19  
20         21  

2.sustance that shares electrons, causing it to have "poles" (like a magnet) (2 Words)
4.high part of land that separates watersheds
6.the nonliving parts of an ecosystem
9.area of land covered by water at least part of the year
10.land area drained by a stream (2 Words)
12.resources that can be depleted
13.source of almost all energy on Earth
16.natural habitat for many animals to raise their young
18.process by which liquid water turns into water vapor
22.made up of the living organisms and nonliving objects that affect them
23.energy stored in food or fuel
24.energy in motion
25.going around another object
26.resources that can be reused or replenished
1.the living parts of an ecosystem
3.one of the three watersheds of Virginia (2 Words)
5.light energy
7.process by which water vapor turns back into liquid water
8.the careful use and protection of resources
11.energy from the nucleus of an atom
14.energy from machines
15.an example of a nonrenewable resource that comes from the remains of plants and animals (2 Words)
17.spinning on an axis
18.energy from the movement of electrons
19.heat energy
20.land that water flows over or through on its way to another body of water
21.stored energy; energy not in use

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