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Louis Riel

Mr. McLean

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1.The North West __________ Police
2.Riel was living here in exile when the Metis called for his help in 1885.
5.These were disappearing from the Canadian West in Riel's time.
8.They were sent West to measure up Canada's newly acquired land in the Northwest.
10.Riel was executed for committing the crime of _______.
12.The ________ _____ Company sold its land to Canada in 1869.
13.Name of colony in which Riel was born.
17.Manitoba was the _________ province to join Confederation.
18.Macdonald was keen to settle the West to prevent it from being taken over by this nation. (2 Words)
19.Riel's religion.
20.Canada's first national railway.
21.Province formed after the 1870 rebellion.
22.Prime minister during the Riel Rebellions
1.Riel was sent to this Eastern city as a young man to prepare him for the priesthood.
3.What settlers from the East wished to do with the lands of the West.
4.Ontario man executed on Riel's orders.
5.Native chief who supported Riel's 1885 rebellion.
6.The HBC sold its land to Canada because of the decline of the ____ trade.
7.The Metis organized a ____________ government in the Red River colony in 1870.
9.Native chief who supported Riel's 1885 rebellion.
11.Riel's ethnicity.
14.An armed uprising against a government.
15.Riel's jury was all _______.
16.Where Riel was born and where he is buried.

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