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Kelsy Brown

Medical Terminology Review

1 2     3                           4
  6       7               8  
      10 11    
12           13            
15   16             17                
      18       19    
  20                       21
26                   27   28                
29     30                   31 32
34             35 36                

2.The skin
5.Wasting away
6.Also called the generic name
9.A complex protein
12.Pertaining to the tail
14.The clumping together of cells as a result of interaction with specific antibodies called agglutinins
15.A plasma protein
17.Inability to perform coordinated movements or use objects properly
20.A small thin-walled, skin lesion containing clear fluid; a vesicle
22.government agency responsible for administering and enforcing the Controlled Substances Act
23.Muscles of the internal organs(smooth muscle)
24.The end of a bone
26.Mature bone cells
28.Above or upward toward the head
29.Marked reduction in #s of RBCs, WBCs and platelets
33.Toward the midline of the body
34.Immovable joints
36.An inadequacy of the formed blood elements(RBCs, WBCs and platelets)
37.The point of attachment of a muscle to a bone that it moves
1.Process of changing a liquid to a solid
3.Transmitters of nerve impulses toward the central nervous system; also known as sensory nerves
4.An immature red blood cell
7.The description of the chemical structire of the drug
8.A mature red blood cell
10.The name established when the drug is first manufactured
11.Without muscle coordination
13.Also known as a thrombocyte
16.Abnormally slow movement
18.A clot
19.A projection that extends from the nerve cell body; it receives impulses and conducts them on to the cell body
21.A cracklike sore or groove in the skin or mucous membrane
25.Layer of skin directly under the epidermis
27.Relieves pain
30.Ear wax
31.The point of attachment of a muscle to a bone that is less movable
32.A small, solid, circumscribed elevation on the skin
35.A blood test used to screen for the AIDS virus

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