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  6 7                        
  8   9                    

2.Because Venus appears near the sun, Venus is usually visible from earth only in the early morning or evening. Therefore, Venus is commonly called the ________________.
4.Mars is called the ______________ because the oxidized rocks on the planet’s surface give the planet a red color.
5.The inner planets are also called ____________ because they are similar to Earth.
6.The surfaces of the inner planets have bowl-shaped depressions, called _________________ that were caused by collisions of the planets with other objects in space.
9.The pressure and temperature of Mars’s atmosphere are too low for water to exist as a liquid on Mars surface. However, several NASA spacecraft such as the Mars rovers, spirit and ________________, which landed on Mars in 2004- have founded evidence that liquid water did exist on Mars’s surface in the past.
10.The planets closest to the sun are called ________________
1.Although, most of the water on Mars is trapped in polar icecaps, data from the ________________________ suggests that water may also exist as permanent frost or as liquids just below the surface.
3.The high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere blocks most of the infrared radiation from escaping. This type of heating is called a __________________.
7.The U.S _____________ satellite orbited Venus for four years in the 1990s before the satellite was steered into the planet to collect atmosphere data.
8.A ____________ landing craft detected two geological events that produced seismic waves. These events, called marsquakes may indicate that volcanoes on Mars are active.

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