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Basics Of Nuclear Energy

Greg Lange

A vocabulary list related to nuclear energy.

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1.spinning fanlike object on a spindle
3.coming together; welding
6.measure of amount of stuff in something
7.energy that can be created over and over
8.middle of something; core
10.bit of matter; speck
12.main property of atomic material
14.tantrum; complete loss of control
16.related to atoms; very very small
18.deadly radioactive material; atomic weapon fuel
20.dealing with the center; atomic related
21.site of japanese nuclear disaster
22.breaking apart; cleaving
2.place where atomic energy is created
4.fuel for nuclear reactor
5.power maker; creation source
9.control method for a nuclear reactor
11.site of russian nuclear disaster
13.result of action; product of mixing stuff
15.stuff coming out of something; nuclear energy product
17.center of something; reactor energy area
19.picture method using radiation

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