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A Series of Unfortunate Events puzzle

Rohan Jha

Think you know all about Lemony Snicket's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'.Try this out?

2   3
5   6        
7   8
9 10      
11         12            
13 14            
15           16        

5.Last Name of Author
11.First Name of Illustrator
12.State in which the illustrator was born
14.City/Town in which the illustrator grew up
15.Where the illustrator currently lives (3 Words)
17.Last Name of Illustrator
1.Male Quagmire Triplet
2.Country in which the illustrator has lived till now
3.14 Year Old girl
6.Female Quagmire Triplet
7.Quagmire Triplet belived to die in the fire by the other two
8.State in which the illustrator grew up
9.First Name of Author
10.The Quagmire Triplet's parents left behind
13.City/Town in which the illustrator was born
16.Brother of the three orphans

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