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1.the ignition ____ change low voltage d.c. to high voltage d.c. to spark plugs
3.the movement of ____ in the engine provides power to turn the wheels of car
4.stage when piston goes down - suckig mixture of petrol and gas
9.once car engine starts, the starter motor ___ itself rom the car engine.
10.stage when mixture in car engine burns giving out hot gases
12.provides electricity to the ignition system
13.Electrical ___ are components in thecar - will all stop when car stop
14.car __ runs when mixture of petrol and gas burns in the cylinders in the engine
15.cars running on petrol are fitted with a 4- _____ engine
2.system that provides electric sparks to ignite mixture of petrol and gas in car engine
5.generator in the car powered by the moving wheels to charge battery and other electrical systems in the car
6.stage when pistn moves up pushing exhaust gas out of cylinder
7.battery converts ____ energy to electrical energy
8.stage when piston goes up comressing the mixture and spark plug fires a spark
9.passes high voltage d.c. to spark plugs
11.the ___ motor first starts the pistons in the car engine moving

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