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Natural Hazards 2

Mrs Walker

More keywords for AQA Geography B unit 2

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4.A warming of the surface water of the eastern and central Pacific Ocean
6.When an oceanic plate is forced under a continental plate, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
7.Tidal waves caused by underwater earthquakes
8.Located below the crust, consists of semi-molten rock
11.The earth’s crust is broken into pieces that move
13.The area around property that needs to be defended from wildfires
16.Where one plate is forced under another
18.Adding safety features to a building, after its construction, to help it survive an earthquake
19.When a government forces people to leave their homes
20.The scale used to measure the intensity of an earthquake
21.The area of land on the outskirts of a settlement, which is becoming more inhabited.
22.The length of time each year that an area is expected to experience wildfires
23.When two plates try to slide past each other, causing earthquakes
24.The shaking of the earth
25.A tool used to help reduce the effects of wildfires
1.A system for storing and manipulating geographical information on computer, often as maps
2.When two plates move away from each other, causing volcanic eruptions
3.An opening in the crust that erupts lava, ash and steam
5.Heating in the mantle causes semi-molten rock to rise , move along under the crust and sink; moving the plates above
9.Smaller earthquakes after an earthquakes
10.The point on the earth’s surface above where the earthquake has occurred
12.Technology that is suitable for a purpose
14.Semi-molten rock in the mantle
15.The point in the earth’s crust where the earthquake occurs
17.A severe storm that is found within the Tropics
21.A large destructive fire that burns quickly

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