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Optics Review

1 2 3        
4             5
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9       10       11     12 13             14 15
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30             31     32            
                36 37

3.Hole in your eye that allows light to pass through
4.Equal amount of each primary light colour produces _______
6.Part of the shadow in which all light rays from a source are blocked
7.These are used for television signals and cellphones (2 Words)
9.Wavelengths are measured in ________
12.Photoreceptor cells used to detect colour (2 Words)
17.Materials that transmit light freely
19.Substance that glows after being exposed to energized particles
21.This colour has a wavelength of 600 nm
24.These rays are used to kill cancer cells
25.The point where light rays meet (2 Words)
27.Light emitted by substances when they are exposed to electromagnetic radiation
30.This kind of gas emits colour when electricity runs through it
32.This type of image is formed by rays that do not actually pass through the location of the image
33.Cyan light on a yellow object makes the object appear _______
35.Light produced from a chemical reaction without a rise in temperature
38.Acronym to remember all colours of the rainbow
39.These types of rays come from the Sun
1.The light you see from an incadescent bulb is the ________ glowing
2.When light rays reflect off a rough or uneven surface it produces _______ reflection
3.Red, blue, and green are all __________ light colours
5.The part of your eye that is coloured
8.Entire range of electromagnetic radiation is called.... (2 Words)
10.These are used in radar guns
11.Light-sensitive layer of your eye
13.Objects that absorb and reflect light only
14.Red, blue and green are all __________ subtractive colours
15.Middle point of a curved mirror
16.The ability of a substance to glow in the dark
18.Where does white light come from?
20.When light reflects off a surface, the angle of incidence is always equal to the angle of reflection (3 Words)
22.One nanometer is equal to one ________ of a meter
23.Ability of a plant or animal to produce light
26.Green light + red light = _________ light
28.Frosted window pane is a good example of a __________ material
29.__________ waves come out of your TV remote control
31.Drawings that show the path that light takes after it leaves its source (2 Words)
34.Image formed by light rays that converge at the location of the image
36.The shorter the wavelength the ________ the frequency
37.Transparent glass or plastic object with flat, polished sides

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