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solar power


Terms from solar power class

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4.way of joining devices that increases voltage but not the current
6.measure of electrical resistance
8.electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range of 4 to 400 nanometers
12.Albert ________He published paper on photoelectric effect, winning the Nobel prize in 1921
13.sun's location east and west of true south
14.demand on an energy producing system
17.region of electrical contact between two different materials
18.pertaining to the direct conversion of light into electricity
21.way of joining devices that increases current but not the voltage
22.forcing current into fully charged battery
23.device that converts ac to dc
24.period during which a system is capable of operation above specified performance level
25.National Electrical Manufacturers Association
27.1000 kilowatts
28.sun's height above the horizon
29.National Electric Code
1.photovoltaic ____. the smallest semiconductor element within a PV module
2.a small groove scribed into the surface of a solar cell filled with metal for contacts
3.particle of light that acts as an individual unit of energy
5.Charles ______ Developed the first selenium-based solar electric cell
7.property of a conductor, which opposes flow of an electrical current
9.standard unit of electrical power equal to 1000 watts
10.number of photovoltaic modules interconnected electrically to produce voltage required by the load
11.an instrument used for measuring global solar irradiance
15.electric current induced by radiant energy
16.use of multiple inverters connected in paralled to service different loads
19.Unit of solar irradiance (L)
20.metal plate immersed in the electrolyte in a battery
23.prevents overcharging of batteries by controlling charge cycle
26.semi-metallic chemical element used in semiconductor material (Si)

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