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Lecture 3

DISCLAIMER: The author of this puzzle denies responsibility for unsatisfactory exam performance sustained from studying this.

2           3  
4 5   6

1.This describes the strong desire for a drug after repeated administration.
2.This neurotransmitter is associated with pleasure.
7.This process aims to combat drug addiction by the elimination of the drug ritual.
8.This process aims to combat drug addiction by administering the drug ritual without the drug.
9.These symptoms are associated with discontinued drug use.
1.Also known as the conditional response, this type of response aids in the maintenance of homeostasis.
3.This part of the brain is the recipient of dopamine signals from the ventral tegmental area.
4.A person in this state responds increasingly to dopamine in all sorts of situations.
5.Neurons in this part of the brain is responsible for the release of dopamine in response to nicotine.
6.This type of learning describes the use of conditioning.

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